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Summary of GlycoTech's Selectin Assays
Assays used to discovery unique selectin antagonists

Ligand Binding Assays for E- and P-selectin
Inhibition assay using native carbohydrate structures as the target.  IC50 values are similar to KD values.

Fluorescence Shift Binding Assays for E- and P-selectin
Direct binding assay that determines a physical constant (KD).

Highly Sensitive P-selectin Inhibition Assay
Inhibition assay using synthetic polymers of ligands as the target.  This assay is highly sensitive and detects slight activities (low IC50 values).

Static Cell Adhesion Assay for P-selectin
A highly reproducible assay that measures the inhibition of P-selectin mediated cell adhesion in a microtiter plate format.

Cell Adhesion Flow Assays for E- and P-selectin
State-of-the-art assays that measures the different stages of cell adhesion under hydrodynamic flow conditions by real time digital image analysis.